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The Winnipeg Actuaries’ Club (WAC) is a local association of Fellows and Associates of recognized actuarial organizations that provides its members with networking opportunities to foster members’ professional and technical growth. The WAC also supports the development of Manitobans who aspire to a career in the actuarial profession.

2023 WAC Golf Day

Date   : Thursday June 29th
Time   : 2PM
Where : Wildewood Golf Course, 739 North Dr, Winnipeg

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Spring Semi-Annual Meeting 2023 Elections
  • Wednesday, June 7 at Winnipeg Art Gallery (300 Memorial Blvd)

  • New Executives have been elected:

    • Charles Liu as Secretary

    • Shine Wang as Member-at-Large

Recent Developments
  • The WAC hosted a volunteer event with Habitat for Humanity on Sept 28th, 2022 which raised $3800 in individual contributions, in addition to WAC's contribution of $2000.

  • The WAC Golf Event was hosted at Wildewood Golf Course on June 27th, 2022.

  • Instead of offering 2 identical scholarships, the WAC is developing an equality of opportunity scholarship to complement the historical WAC scholarship offered.

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